Guo Xing Martial Arts School offers classes in two locations: Brisbane (Kuraby), Queensland, Australia, and Orlando, FL, USA. Shifu David Cheng also offers video classes and seminars, available internationally.


Shifu David Cheng has taught seminars all over the world. As new seminars are scheduled, you'll find their information here. If you would like to organize a seminar at your location, please contact him using the contact form or email the school at for pricing and scheduling details.

  • arrow_drop_down_circle July 2017, FL, USA - Bagua and Shaolin seminars with Shifu David Cheng
    Please see our Events page for details and pictures of last year's seminars.
  • arrow_drop_down_circle June 2018, NC, USA - Bagua seminars with Shifu Yukai Chang, Ph.D.
    Visit our sister school for more details: Triangle Bagua Kung Fu and their Facebook event Gao Style Bagua Zhang Seminars
    Update: This seminar had the largest turn out we've ever had! A huge thanks to Shifu Yukai Chang, and everyone who came out to learn! Please see our event page for more information.
  • arrow_drop_down_circle Oct 6 & 7, 2018, FL, USA - Tai Chi and Bagua Zhang Seminars with Shifu David Cheng
    Shifu David Cheng will be teaching a two day seminar: Yang style Tai Chi Push Hands on Saturday and Bagua's Continuous Jian on Sunday. Please contact Amanda Wang @: 863-944-3986 ,, or @guoxingmartialarts on Facebook for more details or questions about shirt ordering.
    Please see our Facebook event for updates.

Brisbane (Kuraby), Queensland, Australia

Classes with Shifu David Cheng:

  • arrow_drop_down_circleGroup Classes
    Location: Private (please contact for location)
    Dates: Wednesday 1900-2030, Sunday 1800-1930
    Price: $60
    Details: All styles are taught in a small-group format. Maximum class size is 6 students.
  • arrow_drop_down_circlePrivate Lessons
    Location: Private (please contact for location)
    Dates/Times: Classes are 1.5h long. Scheduling is flexible.
    Price: $150
    Details: Available for all styles. Only for intermediate and above students.


Classes with Shifu David Cheng:

  • arrow_drop_down_circleVideo Classes
    Location: Class is conducted via Skype or Facebook Messenger video chat.
    Dates: Classes are 1.5h long. Scheduling is flexible.
    Price: $60
    Details: All styles are available via video lesson. Maximum class size is 2 students.

Orlando, FL, USA

Classes with Instructor Amanda Wang:

  • arrow_drop_down_circleGroup Classes
    Location: East West Acutherapy 5709 Camellia Drive Orlando, FL 32807
    (Parking is behind the building.)
    East West Acutherapy
    Days: Saturday
    Time: 6:00pm-7:30pm
    Price: $15/class No contracts.
    Details: Bagua Zhang and Northern Shaolin are taught in a small-group format.
    Call for more information 863.944.3986
  • arrow_drop_down_circlePrivate Lessons
    Location/Days: flexible, call for details
    Time: 1.5h
    Price: $50
    Details: Only for intermediate and above students.
    Call for more information 863.944.3986


  • arrow_drop_down_circleWhat is a typical group class like?
    A typical group class begins like most martial arts group classes, with a salute to your teacher and your classmates. The instructor then goes from student to student to review their previous material. While students wait for their turn, they train, but hold any questions until their instructor comes to them. During the initial review, students receive corrections and have questions answered. Once old material has been reviewed, students are individually introduced to new material (if appropriate), receive further explanation for the movements they already know, or work on applications with their instructor and/or classmates. Class ends with a salute.
  • arrow_drop_down_circleWhat should I expect from my first class?
    During your first class, you'll spend more one-on-one time with your instructor to talk about your previous martial arts experience, what you hope to gain from your lessons, and what your individual needs are. This is when you will discuss your expectations and goals for classes.

    Once those things are covered, you'll join class with your classmates.
  • arrow_drop_down_circleHow should I prepare for class?
    All students should dress comfortably in weather-appropriate clothes that allow them to exercise. Flat-soled shoes (like Keds or Vans) are recommended; brand doesn't matter. Make sure to bring a water bottle!

    Before class, students should warm up in preparation for exercise. And, ideally, have your previous material memorized, because you can't improve the quality of your movements until you know them by heart.
  • arrow_drop_down_circleDo I need experience to learn Bagua Zhang (or any of the other styles)?

    Experience in other martial arts (especially Chinese martial arts) will help you learn the moves faster, because the motions will be more familiar to you. However, experience in other martial arts can sometimes make learning the details of new moves difficult because you are working against old habits.

    In sum, learning new movements is challenging, regardless of experience. So if you're new to Chinese martial arts, don't sweat it! Just come, train, and have fun!
  • arrow_drop_down_circleDo video classes really  work?
    With a little effort, yes.

    Online classes are most effective with:
    1. Some previous experience in the style you want to learn. (Helpful but not required.)
    2. A willing friend to work with you at home. They don't have to be martially trained, just willing to help test your structure and have applications tried on them.
    3. If you want to continuously improve your art, you MUST come to see Shifu David in person at some point. This could be in person in Australia, or when he visits the United States during seminars. You can learn curriculum, forms, and theories through video, but some parts of martial training must be experienced in person. Fortunately, Shifu David is experienced in teaching via video, and you will have plenty to work from after your in-person lesson.
  • arrow_drop_down_circleWill I get hit in class?
    Only if you want to.

    Some students are uncomfortable with the idea of hitting.
    Some students just want the health, wellness, and exercise benefits of martial arts.
    Some students aren't ready yet to experience what applications feel like, but maybe they change their mind after some time training.

    And that's ok. HOWEVER, these are martial arts. If you want to learn the whole system, you're going to need to experience what strikes feel like, both from a giver and a receiver's end. The most important part is to discuss your expectations with your instructor.
  • arrow_drop_down_circleWhat is "Neijia" anyway?
    The term "Neijia" refers to the 3 "internal" martial arts of: Bagua Zhang, Xingyi Quan, and Taiji Quan.
  • arrow_drop_down_circleI still have more questions!
    Go to the contact page and send a message. Someone will get back to you shortly!