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Shifu David Cheng

Shifu David Cheng

Shifu David Cheng is a 9th generation lineage holder of Gao style Cheng school Bagua Zhang, 10th generation lineage holder of Hebei Xinyi Quan, and 7th generation lineage holder of Northern Shaolin. He is the First Disciple of Shifu Chang Yukai, Ph.D.

Shifu David Cheng and Shifu Chang Yukai, Ph.D.

Shifu David Cheng and Shifu Chang Yu-Kai, Ph.D.


Gao style of Cheng School Bagua Zhang lineage chart
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Hebei style Xingyi Quan lineage chart
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Shifu David began his martial arts training at 7 years of age and began teaching when he was 18. As a world class kung fu master he has won 3 World Cup Titles and is known as “the martial arts corrector”. No matter what style you're studying, he can dig out the potential in you.

Shifu David has been featured in several high profile TV shows and popular radio shows. He was interviewed on “Kung Fu Legend”, on Channel V- during “Confucius Day” (Teachers’ Day), and was asked by HBO Taiwan to promote their action movies. Shifu David is often invited to do seminars around the world. He has taught seminars in Taiwan, Hong Kong, America, Spain, Germany, Indonesia, Japan, and Canada.

Learning the entire Gao Bagua Zhang system while promoting the art is Shifu David’s main focus. He currently resides in Kuraby, Australia with his wife.


  • 1998 - ISKA World Cup:
  •     Silver Medal in Zha Quan
  • 2000 - Beijing International Invitational Competition:
  •     Gold Medal in Zha Quan Men’s Bare Hand Form
  •     Bronze Medal in Zha Quan Men’s Short Weapon (Broadsword)
  • 2007 - Hong Kong World Cup of Martial Arts:
  •     Gold Medal in Men’s Bare Hand (Bagua Pre-Heaven Palm)
  •     Gold Medal in Men’s Short Weapon (Bagua Deer Horn Knives)

Bagua Taiji Wellness and Martial Arts Association

Bagua Taiji Wellness and Martial Arts Association

The Bagua Taiji Wellness and Martial Arts Association was founded in 2005 by Shifu Chang Yukai, Ph.D.

Shifu Chang Yu-Kai, Ph.D.

Shifu Chang Yu-Kai, Ph.D.

The Association’s missions are to promote strengthening the mind and body through classical Chinese martial arts, and sharing Chinese culture and philosophy with communities worldwide.

Since the primary goal of students of traditional Chinese martial arts is self-improvement, our mission statement centers on:

  • • Self-improvement through a balance of physical, mental, and social perspectives.
  • • Development of moral virtues.
  • • Passing on the traditions of Chinese martial arts culture by training the mind and body together.
  • • Raising one’s quality of life physically, mentally, spiritually, and socially through martial training.

As such, students within the Association build their foundation of practice on the following four important principles:

  1. Respect for others, which includes your teachers, parents, brothers and sisters, seniors and juniors, and the school.
  2. Perseverance in all that one undertakes.
  3. Appreciation of one’s life and cultivating an appreciative outlook.
  4. The sharing of traditions and one’s time and knowledge with others.

Association Members

Instructor Amanda Wang

Shifu David Cheng
Amanda is our newest instructor in the USA. She has won 3 gold medals in the ICMAC Orlando tournament. She teaches Bagua Zhang and Northern Shaolin.